Mautic and Salesforces integration

Hello, I have this error with Mautic and Salesforces
Fetching contacts…

In AbstractIntegration.php line 2002:

Typed property Mautic\PluginBundle\Integration\AbstractIntegration::$adminU
sers must not be accessed before initialization

mautic:integration:fetchleads [-i|–integration INTEGRATION] [-d|–start-date START-DATE] [-t|–end-date END-DATE] [–fetch-all] [-a|–time-interval [TIME-INTERVAL]] [-l|–limit [LIMIT]] [-f|–force] [-h|–help] [-q|–quiet] [-v|vv|vvv|–verbose] [-V|–version] [–ansi] [–no-ansi] [-n|–no-interaction] [-e|–env ENV] [–no-debug] [–]

Any idea how to resolve this?

Sounds like a bug in PHP code, you should report it on GitHub.