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Mautic Bounce Management AWS SES

Hi guys,

I’m following these steps to manage bounces by Amazon Web Service SES.

On step 4) I am still getting “PendingConfirmation” and I don’t know what to do

The subscriber will be in the pending state till it is confirmed. AWS will call your Amazon webhook with a SubscriptionConfirmation request including a callback url. To confirm Mautic will send a request back to this callback url to validate the subscription. Therefore make sure your Mautic installation is allowed to connect to the internet, otherwise the subscription will remain in the pending state and won't work. Check the logfile for more information.

IF you setup the bounce setting you are done.
If you wanna create a list of the bounce email you have followed this
1- Go to segment
2- Create a new segment called Bounces (or any name you like)
3- In the Filters tab select Bounce > equal > Yes
4 Save
Then when Mautic detect a Bounce email this segment will collect the email for you.


This page,

under "Amazon WebhooK’, refers to using webhooks to process the bounced emails with AWS SES. How do I set the webhook up to process those bounces?

@chris S yes you can set up like this too

@Bizcrony I thought your suggestion regarding setting the email filter was a good one. SES is sending bounce notifications to my inbox. Mautic is monitoring and reading those messages. I set up a filter “Bounced-Email” = “Yes”, but no email addresses are added to the segment. Furthermore, even if I get this working I only want to add the 500 permanent bounces to the list. To verify all of this I have a test list with several bad addresses, including the SES simulator address. Any ideas?

@chirs have you set up the segment for bounce ?

I set up a new segment “Bounced”. I added a filter “Bounced-Email” = “Yes”. The fetch mail reads the SNS Notifications in my inbox. But adds no users to the segment. A typical notification:

{“notificationType”:“Bounce”,“bounce”:{“bounceType”:“Transient”,“bounceSubType”:“General”,“bouncedRecipients”:[{“emailAddress”:“”,“action”:“failed”,“status”:“4.4.7”,“diagnosticCode”:“smtp; 554 4.4.7 Message expired: unable to deliver in 840 minutes.<421 4.4.0 Unable to lookup DNS for>”}],“timestamp”:“2018-08-06T09:34:58.809Z”,“feedbackId”:“010001650e96f478-c0127917-e45c-4dab-88f3-20bb92509daf-000000”,“reportingMTA”:“dsn;”},“mail”:{“timestamp”:“2018-08-05T19:15:06.000Z”,“source”:“”,“sourceArn”:“arn:aws:ses:us-east-1:735207037423:identity/”,“sourceIp”:“”,“sendingAccountId”:“735207037423”,“messageId”:“010001650b83b9c1-52b95f36-b298-4f6e-bf8b-de35f22d4b3e-000000”,“destination”:[“”]}}