Mautic DoubleOptin DOI - Setup of Form->Emailaction-> TRACKINGURL->Working BUT not with different IP

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.8
My PHP version is: 7.4
My Database type and version is: mariadb 10.5

Your problem
My problem is:
Mautic DoubleOptin DOI - Setup of Form->Emailaction-> TRACKINGURL->SET TAG-> ISWorking BUT not with different IP

These errors are showing in the log: No Errors in LOG

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: If the user switches from WIFI to Mobile or just use another Emailclient in different location I can see the contact Clicked the link. This is beeing recognized. BUT the TAG is NOT set. I do not understand this.
Any idea?
If I switch back to the same IP it is working.
I made sure that I tried a different browser/incognito + not logged in as admin.

PS: I am new to mautic and I already googled and searched a lot. But I could not find a solution for this.

in details I can see that the REFERER and the SOURCE differs in both cases. But I do not understand the reason.
it is working if the source is Q: /mtc/event
How to fix this?

From same device/IP (and the tag was successful set:):
Zeit verbracht auf der Seite: Unbekannt
Device Name: smartphone
Device Betriebssystem: Android
Q: /mtc/event
Page Language: de-DE
Preferred Locale:de_DE
Timezone Offset:-120

Mozilla/5.0 (Android 11; Mobile; rv:109.0) Gecko/112.0 Firefox/112.0

From other device/IP (and the tag was NOT successful set:):
Zeit verbracht auf der Seite:Unbekannt
Device Name: desktop
Device Betriebssystem: GNU/Linux
Quelle: OPTINTAGMailNewsletter
Q: /r/dce215236a6f835bea35222c6

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:109.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/111.0

For the DOI, do you have a Campaign?
So: you have a form, then the contact starts the campaign and you send an email with a link.
The execution of the campaign should work independently of the IP of the contact, as Mautic adds the tracking code to the link and the click will be recognized. This does not work “zuverlässig” by you?
Can you add a screenshot of your campaign?

On the other hand: if the same contact visits any of your pages from another IP, as I know, Mautic will add his visits to an “unknown” contact and won’t link his visits to the known contact. I suppose this is not your question, right?

I disabled the Campaign-Form and the process is a standard for mwith email-action as I was not happy with the campaign-process. slow and also not every signing/agree was succesful moved from pending to active segments. so I would prefer this.

technically I do not understand what is the problem with the unique link/url … if it is hit the Tags should be added. because in the contact I can see that the link was hit.

So if the users opens the Tracking-URL from another IP mautic recognizes the site-access(tracking-url) in the correct contact. BUT the mtc.js? is Tagging a new IP-contact - from my point of view this is not correct - so it is a bug or do I have to correct my configuration?

Tracking via URL is enabled.
IP anonomize is enabled (due to law)

found these issues in the bugtracker. both confirmed and closed due to stale but not solved


I would never rely on the browser cookie to identify a contact.
On the same device (also browser) can be more than one person active.

The bullet proof method is by using a tracking link inside the email.

IP anonomize is enabled (due to law)

Are you from Germany? I am not aware that this is not allowed. I thought that the linking of tracking information to persons is not allowed without their consent. For the “unknown visits”, there is no linking to any person. A person cannot be identified by an IP, or it is not easy, I am not aware how could someone do it.

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IP anonymize should be enabled - same as for other services. Full IP is considered to be personally identifiable data (because with help of a jury and the telco you can link it back to a person (owner of the Internet access) using it at the given time).

@marcschh I still think this is some kind of missunderstanding / missconfiguration: The tracking of a confirmation via a unique link and letting a campaign watch out for this “landing page visit” works pretty reliable. Its not at all depending on mtc.js - its always the click on the loaded link.

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I have the feeling that we are getting away from the real problem.

I have a wordpress site which is using WP-Mautic to load the Mautic form
[mautic type=“form” id=“x”]

the Mautic-Form creates a contact with the mail-address

the user follows the link inside the email which is the mautic-tracking-url redirecting to another wordpress-site which should add the Tag to the contact who clicked the tracking-url
[mautic type="tags" values="DoubleOptIn"]

This is working great if the user has the same device/ip as you can see in the screenshot here (I am not talking about COOKIES as it works fine without in two private-browser-sessions):

If the user who filled the form is clicking the email from another device/ip it is not working. EVEN if mautic recognizes that the correct contact followed the tracking-url it is not adding the Tags. The Tags are added to a new anonymous contact (new IP)

This is the problem I am talking about…

and some more confusing info is
As you can the on the screenshot the “successful” contact has to TAGs. (MauticOptIn AND DoubleOptIn)
The SAME landingpage has two variants setting the TAG
img src="" alt="Mautic Tags"

[mautic type="tags" values="DoubleOptIn"]

So the WP-MAUTIC Code is not working AT ALL if the user switches the device/IP
But the tracking.gif is working

If I click on the UNSUBSCRIBE Link in the same email from the SAME Device with the different IP Mautic recognize it for the correct contact-with the Email-Contact.
So I am searching for a solution getting The Tags working. Hope you can help me finding out the issue

thank you

Hi, a bit of a uncommon setup of “opt-in” process…

“the user follows the link inside the email” … so instead of having a campaign, that whatches it the user clicked that link (aka “visits landingpage”) which works 100%, you bet on tagging a contact via mtracking.gif. Which may be filtered out due to browser settings (think third party script) as the URL called differs from the site its embedded into? The mtracking.gif relies on the cookie information. If the cookie doesn’t get set correctly in the virgin browser, I bet there is now some anonymous tagged user in your database.

The unsubscribe link doesn’t care about the the browser and IP - it just tracks the link opened from the mail.

The same way you should setup your optin process. Not based on some tagging of a user, but by watching the “landing page” visit of the user you sent the mail to. That works reliable always. Make sure, the contact is already in the campaign, that watches for it. Send the optin mail from the campaign, otherwise the user may have clicked already before your campaign started watching.