Mautic Errors in 4.4.9 version for sending emails

Everything is working perfectly now. The errors are no longer showing up, and the SMTP issues are good to go. PTR records I deleted and rebuilt and then I deleted the actual email from my server and added it like it is now. It’s fixed.

I was reading a ton of stuff on additional DNS configurations for 3rd party applications and from Google search i found this article on the mautic forum that I was involved with back in 2017 on email issues with Mautic. I did the same thing as what I said to someone else in this forum

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@ayayron thank you for all details in this thread. I have the same problem. Can you write what exactly you did to fix it?

I already explained what I did in this thread, it says This is what I had to do it’s a link to another forum posted that shows the details on what I did.