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Moving Live Chat systems

Update on this - we are staying on Slack at the moment, and if we feel there are features Slack is missing please share them and we’ll look into this as a community discussion on the forums and review possible options. Ruth will prepare a communication to this effect and will inform those on Discord.

So should we shut down Discord to avoid any confusion ?

@npracht I will prepare some comms around this decision which will include informing those on Discord and deciding how we proceed.

There is a Discourse chat plugin which I added to my instance. Works OK.

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We have got the Discourse to Slack integration working already, if that’s what you’re referring to. It pushes all public messages into the forum channel on Slack for those who like to get a notification that way.

I’ve drafted the article as outlined above and shared it on Slack in #community for feedback before I post it up.

Maybe the same one, but I’m using it without any connections to other chat clients so it is standalone.

Thanks for sharing! Yes, that’s the integration we have got set up currently to push public forum activity into Slack. It works really nicely!

1 Like article is now live so I’m closing this thread as resolved :slight_smile: Hurrah!