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Need help in passing "ct" tracking parameter to a tracked URL

Hey, community!

I have a question that might be dumb (sorry), as I am not known with Mautic plugin development well enough.

So here is the backstory:
When you send a link over email in Mautic – the link is being converted to a tracked format:
The “ct” parameter has all the tracking information. I am sending links that originate from our website, and I would like to get the tracking info on our website also, so we can parse all this valuable info.
Getting the same info from cookies won’t work, as they might not have been set yet (for newcomers).

I know it’s possible to create plugins for Mautic, and I am a former developer known with PHP. But it’s still a bit over my head, as I was primarily a WordPress developer. I feel like there should be either some simple solution to this problem, or there should be someone for whom this would be a simple piece of work :slight_smile:

To sum up my need: I want the “ct” GET parameter from a tracking URL to be passed over to a tracked URL.

Kinds of solution I am looking for:

  1. A specific configuration that I might have missed (if such a feature is already available).
  2. A piece of code (for a custom plugin, I guess) that would implement this feature.
  3. Someone to implement this small plugin (I am happy to pay for this if the cost is reasonable).

Any other help would also be appreciated! Thanks in advance!



I think you are after this event:

  • via object of this class: RedirectGenerationEvent looks like you can manipulate variables.

I can help you with development, drop us a message here if interested:

Hi! Thanks a LOT!
I will drop you an email in a minute :wink: