Page Visit Tracking Not Working

I’m wondering if you mautic on the other comain where you have mtc.js has access to the cookie.
It seems to me, that the cookie cannot be read out, so all contacts are added as unknown visitor.
Firt party cookie tracking would be better…

I have Mautic on a separate domain. My main website runs WordPress.

How would I set up first party cookie tracking?

Many thanks

  1. So mautic runs on and wordpress run on
  2. Can you go into incognito visit page and look up what is the value of mtc_id? Then register on the form and check the mtc_id cookie again? What are the values?

If you visit that contact with id from mtc_id in mautic, what contact do you get?

For some reason value of mtc_id is not properly set - based on what you described above. Now we just need to figure out why.

Thanks for the reply!

For #1 - Mautic runs on, and WordPress runs on I’m not working with any subdomains. I installed Mautic on a spare domain I have.

For #2 - I don’t know how to get the mtc_id. Is that information inside of Mautic?


Hi, mtc_id is cookie in browser.

Okay I got it, had to Google how to do the cookies thing.

Here is the mtc_id on the page before completing the survey: 442

Here is the mtc_id after completing the survey: 442

It’s the same there.

Inside Mautic I cannot find a mtc_id for the contact, it will show me their device id which is: 0msb4jd8az07oiz0qblwbsi

Again, the page visits are showing under anonymous contacts by IP.