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Mautic tracking isn't working


This is my first time using Mautic. I’ve set up a self-host 2.1.3 version to my subdomain and installed WP plugin to add Mautic codes to my site.

The visit count isn’t working. I’ve double checked the page source and see the Mautic code was added to the header. However, Mautic dashboard shows total visit = 0 for more than a day (google analytics working fine and showing data of visitors).

Is there any idea how to debug this issue?

Are you seeing any anonymous (not identified) contacts on the contacts page? I’ve also seen some discrepancies in display when the mautic user account timezone is not UTC, so you might look there. You can also look in your web server logs to see if the tracking is reaching your mautic site.

Hi @MeBeingKen,

I’ve changed the timezone setting & a couple of other settings. I waited for a day and data starts coming in. And the graph displays data since the first day I set up Mautic. So all the data were there, it just got a problem with dashboard display function.

Anyway, the problem is solved. Thank you so much for your support!