Dashboard graphs show incorrect contact and visit numbers

Your software
My Mautic version is: v2.15.3
My PHP version is: 7.3.14

Your problem
My problem is: This is a new installation two weeks ago. Until yesterday, it sat idle: no cron jobs, no contacts, no connected WordPress plugin.

The dashboard “contacts created” graph shows numbers ranging from 867-889, different every day but very similar, and starting on the day the server was set up. The first, and so far only, contact was added yesterday.

The dashboard “page visits” graph shows very similar numbers to the contacts created graph. Until yesterday, the WordPress plugin was not installed.

Either I misunderstand what those graphs show, or they are incorrect. How can I best troubleshoot this?


These errors are showing in the log: none

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: scratched head, but that didn’t help.

My guess that those contacts are visits to you mautic instance (if nothing else is connected) maybe people browsing or bots?

Thanks renzof. Perhaps I misunderstand what “contacts” and “page visits” are. I thought “contacts” would be the number of contacts on my list, and “page visits” would be the number of page visits to the connected website.

Are you saying that the graph shows the number of visits to my Mautic site? That just seems a strange thing to show!

There are 2 types of contacts

  • Visitors (formerly anonymous leads) — visitors to your site who have not yet been identified by a form or other interaction.
    • These contacts are tracked by Mautic but typically remain hidden so as not to clutter your segment.
  • Standard contacts — contacts which have identified themselves via a form or some other source. As a result, these contacts typically have a name, email, and other identifying fields.


So a visit can become a contact which is anonymous until is identified.
Visits count when a user visits a web sites with the mautic tracking installed or to a mautic page hosted on the mautic instance.

In my case because we replaced the mautic default page for a mautic page the visits to mautic instance count as well.

Best way is have a look at a specific contact history and it will tell you how are they are being identified/tracked

Hope this helps

Thanks, that was helpful.

I want to only track contacts/visitors to the related WordPress website, and ignore visitors to the Mautic site. Is that doable? If not, any pointers to the code that counts such visitors?

We have a system monitoring tool that is racking up the visitor count, but really we have no need to track visitors to anything other than the WordPress site.

No problem.

Maybe the easier way is to remove any pages from Mautic if you are not going to use them?
You could also create a segment with filter of visited url contains your wordpress site

For anyone else that records false visit numbers because of website monitoring, the solution is to go to Settings, Configuration, System Settings and add the monitoring IP addresses/subnets to “List of IPs to not track contacts with (one per line)” under “Miscellaneous Settings”.


Thanks for reporting back with a solution @backseat!

I faced with same problem too
I will try this solution…