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forgive me to say that am not able to follow the link any other option

Because i dont want to download the new version and begin all over again

Oh no, it wasn’t my suggestion to start over. Pull requests are new features or bug fixes which will be (or was already) merged to the Mautic’s source code. The link is just description and the exact code which I think could solve your problem and as I wrote, it will be available in Mautic 1.2.3. If you cannot wait for the release of Mautic 1.2.3, you can copy the code to your Mautic files and fix it yourself.

You didn’t answer my question though.

yes i have other tables

Ok, that means the odds that the pull request will fix your error are quite high. Your options to fix the problem are:

  1. Apply the code changes form the pull request.
  2. Wait for the release of Mautic 1.2.3 and update your Mautic after that.
  3. Move Mautic database tables to its own database.

I would like to contribute my experience with this one: to install a new plugin, I have to first go to Configuration -> Click Save & Close then return to the Plugin Screen -> Click Install/Upgrade Plugins for the changes to be registered. If I just go straight to the Plugins Screen and click Install/Upgrade then it will say that no new plugin was found when there is.

@vln104 thanks it worked

But just curious, will this happen to the future versions of mautic

Heh, good question. It surly will have to simplified in the future. The real question is: Will you be able to give us a hand with it or will you wait till someone does it?

You know the saying:

are we add custom bundle in mautic?