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I would like to know if mautic can help me do personalization for each and every unique visitor to my website

I would like to know if mautic can help me do personalization for each and every unique visitor to my website

It depends. Mautic can send personalized email to each lead in the right time. But you are asking about website. So you want your website to be different/personalized for every visitor? That’s not implemented to Mautic yet. This feature request is similar though:

You can comment on it or create your own if this one doesn’t fit your idea.

it’s the same issue thanks. Will be following on it.

On alighter note, am using 1.2 and i can’t seem to configure social media integrations because i can’t see the integration button…could you help please

Ah, yes, the plugins documentation is missing. I was working on it yesterday but didn’t get to the social plugins yet.

So basically, integrations are plugins which itegrates Mautic with other systems. Maybe that’s the only missing part here. Integration = plugin. So Open the configuration menu by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner and select Plugins menu item. It’ll show the list of all installed plugins.

Wait a minute. Maybe the fresh Mautic installs doesn’t show them by default. If that’s the case, click on the “Install/Upgrade Plugins” button and they should show up.

when i click on the config icon, i am able to see the plugins button but on clicking it, it does tell me no plugins installed yet
what next

Have you tried following?

yes i have

this is the message am getting
“Expecting integrations but see none? Enable the associated addon via the Addon Manager! For example, the Social Media addon must be enabled in order for Facebook to be listed.”

What Mautic version do you use?


It shouldn’t make a difference because I don’t remember there was a pull request in this area, but could you upgrade to latest 1.2.2?

Also, check Mautic logs and server logs if there is some error message which could tell us why plugins cannot be installed.

upgrading to 1.2.2 has taken me more than 2 hours and still not yet done

How so? What steps did you take? Where did you get stuck? Any error message?

the system is through with downloading the package but stuck in extracting the files

Ok, so make sure your server has ZIP PHP extension installed and enabled.

am still stuck on the extraction step

Hmm, you didn’t tell us if the zip PHP extension was there, if you installed it or if it’s not there?

Could you look into Mautic logs (app/logs/ folder) and server logs to see what is the actual problem?

Well looking at the logs i found out this
“mautic.CRITICAL: Uncaught PHP Exception DoctrineDBALDBALException: “Unknown database type enum requested, DoctrineDBALPlatformsMySqlPlatform may not support it.” at /directory/vendor/doctrine/dbal/lib/Doctrine/DBAL/Platforms/AbstractPlatform.php line 327 {“exception”:”[object]

Do you have another tables in the database you are installing Mautic into? There is this pull request which solves this problem and will be available in the Mautic 1.2.3: