Please explain what audit log entries, visitors (anonymous contacts), and visitor page hits are

Hi the Mautic community!

We have huge db tables for our Mautic instance and would like to decrease them if possible. We found out there is a cron job called “Cleanup Old Data” whicha states that audit log entries, visitors (anonymous contacts), and visitor page hits are cleaned up, but nothing else. What I wonder now is if it will make any real change for us. We’re using Mautic with regular contacts, filter them into segments and send them emails through campaigns. We don’t use more features than that currently.

The biggest db tables in our Mautic instance are the following and it would be great if they could be decreased:

  • email_stats
  • notifications
  • campaign_lead_event_log


Anonymous contacts should be contact that visits your website and doesn’t have a unique indentifier. Unique identifiers are assigned to users through form submission and fields field and tracking can be used to track users hence forth.

Page hit is when a user visits a page, you can actually use page hit to carry at trigger such add to new contact segment, send emails etc. one of the application of page hit is for email verification system.

I see. It won’t help us much then, unfortunately.

What do you mean by “email verification system”?

This is what is used for double optin
Double optin means you verify a user submitted email by sending them an email and asking them to go check it and click link in it.
Doing that ensure all your leads are are and all other future messages goes into inbox and you easily increase you domain email sending reputation as using double email verification increases your mail open rate

Thank you for the clarification.

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