REST API - Update multiselect Field

Hi All -

I’m working on a large list of IDs for sales reps where a contact could be associated to 1 or more sales reps.

The idea is I can’t click this button thousands of times and I also don’t want to manage it long term.

I’m trying to format the request so that I can add new values to the multiselect via API

Does anyone have any experience the format of this?


Hi Adam,

I was able to update a multi-select custom field using this payload:


“label”: “Multi Select Updated”,
“alias”: “multi_select”,
“type”: “multiselect”,
“group”: “core”,
“order”: 1,
“object”: “lead”,
“isRequired”: false,
“isFixed”: false,
“isListable”: true,
“isVisible”: true,
“isShortVisible”: true,
“isUniqueIdentifier”: false,
“isPubliclyUpdatable”: false,
“charLengthLimit”: null,
“properties”: {
“list”: [
“label”: “Rep 1”,
“value”: “Rep 1”
“label”: “Rep 2”,
“value”: “Rep 2”
“label”: “Rep 3”,
“value”: “Rep 3”

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Thanks - That makes sense and is a solid working example.