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Retrieving Mautic ID when submitting CMS form

Hi community,

We have setup a hosted Mautic and got it connected to our website (custom CMS) with the tracking gif.

We like to have that when submitting a form with email inputfield (this is not a Mautic Form) a hidden field is added with the Mautic ID of that current user.

Afterwards we will lookup the information of all Mautic ID’s to store in our CRM system.

Is anyone willing to start looking for a solutions?


Kind Regards,

I think this is not possible due to client/server architecture. The form would have to (silently) query Mautic for the Mautic ID by using the entered email address and then put your lead to the CRM system. You could to this with AJAX but this would be rather complicated.

I would suggest another approach: use a Mautic form to transfer the existing contact’s data to Mautic, set a tag or something like that and use a campaign to push the lead to an integration. Would this work for you?