Sample Data

Several versions back there was a download available for sample data which was great for getting introduced to the methodology & workings of Mautic.

I would like to set up a new test server for my team to start to play with, is there a sample data download available for the latest Mautic 4?


what was there, in that sample data? I did not hear of such thing until now. And I would be also interested.

Hi folks!

I’m not sure if this is what you’re referring to, but within Mautic you can use a command which wipes the database and installs sample data.

This is the command - note that it wipes the entire database. DO NOT use in production :wink:

bin/console d:f:l

(short for doctrine:fixtures:load).

It’s what we use for testing Mautic when you use Gitpod - it’s going to set you up with about 50 contacts, a bunch of segments, some emails and landing pages etc. The default login is admin/mautic and there’s a restricted access user of sales/mautic.

It’s useful just for getting a feel for things, but of course it would be sensible if you’re demonstrating Mautic, to build up your own sample data / segments / emails etc.

Hope that helps!


that sounds pretty much like what the package was when I had used it before, except if I remember correctly it was installed through the Mautic Admin dashboard, not the command line.

and again, the purpose of this new test server install is to give my team a chance to learn & play with Mautic 4 ahead of the next release.

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