Segments via Elasticsearch + Kibana

ElasticSearch is the 1st-class ultra-fast free opensource big data processor.

Probably you’ve heard that ElasticSearch automatically indexes all objects and is superb at creating “buckets” (ie: segments).

And best of all it makes it “instantly”. No crons, no background sub-processes, no delays.

In addition the incredible free & open-sourced Kibana allows to manage any ElasticSeearch instance easily. I worked in a company where marketers used a Kibana to run all the analysis with zero-training, zero-code, zero-cost.

Of course one should be able to create and manage buckets (segments) from the Kibana frontend.

Couple of links:

I wonder…

Has anyone in the core team explored the idea to optionally enabling to shift the segments rebuilding into ElasticSearch and manage them from a Kibana?

ie this bidi-sync:

  1. All contacts created in Mautic immediately “dumped” to an ElasticSearch. All edits to the contact as well.
  2. All the buckets generated in ElasticSearch “dumped” into Mautic segments for instant utilization.

Has anyone analyzed this approach?

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