Send events to contacts


I’m trying to send events to existing contacts and tack if they have performed some specific action. These actions could be sent by two ways:

  • In front-end using mtc.js (or this I understand :slight_smile:)
  • From Backend using the Mautic Rest API.

I’m reading some Mautic documentation, but for me is not very clear how to deal with this topic.

From JS, I just have found this link (, but it seems that it is only possible to send “pageview” type events.

From Rest API (, I have not found any way to send custom events to contacts.

I have also check Events section ( but it seems related to internal events dispatched by Mautic or custom plugins and they can not be used by mts.js.

Could anyone please share and starting point for this question?

Thank you!!!


any update on this? @programwar
I have a similar issue?
custom events

hi @namratasaun,

There is no any progress :frowning:

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oh alright. update if you find any workaround

We have two different issues closed on Mautic repo asking the same question and soliciting a more flexible and advanced events manipulation. This issue is opened in 2016 and since javascript events don’t change anything.

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