Sign up by email


I would like to allow sign up by email feature. I searched a lot and could not find a way to do it, eventhough it must be a pretty basic feature.

Can anyone help? Bellow is an example on how I would like to set it up. Thanks in advance

I know there is an option to monitor incoming emails. But as far as I know the main purpose is to monitor for replies. To monitor for a signup I am not sure if there is something in place. May be a nice idea for a plugin to resolve that.

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Thanks for your answer.

How to build a plugin like this?

You need to know programming in PHP. If you do, there is documentation on the site on plugin programming. If you need help, you can hire a programmer on Upwork or a similar site. If I was not so busy right now, I could do this gig for you.

ok thank you. I will try to make otherwise I will go to upwork.