Siteground hosting and mautic

I want to run away from horrid bluehost…I cant even install latest mautic 3 version because mysql is too low

anybody have experience with siteground and how it unboxing etc…? I want to use siteground to send emails and not amazon…any idea?

I have not good experience with Siteground because they will not give you your own IP in the default package. Any of the ‘easy website hosting’ solutions will limit you in some way when it comes to Mautic hosting.
You can go to Linode for example (No affiliation), where you get your own VPS and you can go nuts.
You’ll need to learn command line, install PHP, configure Apache, Install DB, secure your DB, secure your firewall, etc.
You can look for a Mautic hosting, where they have special environment or maybe even have a Mautic ready to go for you with bugs fixed, PRs added. Use Google, you can find a bunch.

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