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SSL for Mautic by Bitnami (Amazon Instance on EC2)

Hi guys,

I want to know how to get a SSL certificate for Mautic. I installed it on a Amazon EC2 instance.

I don’t have it on a domain. Do I have to buy a domain, install SSL and then point it to the Amazon instance IP address?

I’m confused because the SSL technically wouldn’t be on the Mautic instance, would it?

@Ann you have a valid domain email address and valid domain to use AWS no need of SSL. And ofcourse you should book a domain and create a domain specific email id.

@bizcrony I’m running Mautic on AWS instance, so the URL looks like this

I’m trying to integrate with Salesforce, but they won’t accept URL without https:

So I was wondering how to fix this.

@Ann, SSL for IP addresses is possible but not very common. I highly recommend you buy a domain and request a SSL certificate for it. Without a domain, your landing pages will have an IP address and that truly is a disaster I think. :slight_smile:

@PeterTL so are you saying to buy a domain, get an SSL cert then I can redirect the domain to Mautic on Amazon?

Yes, @Ann, this is how I would do it. Get a domain, redirect it to your Mautic installation, get a SSL cert, install it on your Amazon machine and configure Mautic zu use SSL.

Ok, so I install the SSL on Amazon AWS? @PeterTL

Got it.

Thanks so much

Yes. SSL certificates are installed on the web server.

Perfect, thanks again @PeterTL

Also, the SSL is at the server level if you use AWS, a VPS you can install an SSL on that level.
Just like @PeterTL said you need a domain but you also can create a CNAME record to give a Domain/Subdomain to the AWS IP.