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Support open source projects through FundOSS

Hi folks!

We have ONE HOUR remaining for the FundOSS program and we are currently sitting at 32 42 44 47 54 donors having raised $564 $779 $800 $817 $1386 with a matched fund of $2,059 $2,911 $3,051$3,244 $3,574(estimated). This is really awesome! A big thank you if you have already donated! :tada:

I would love to see us hit 50 donors by the end of the campaign and smash through $1000 raised! TOTALLY SMASHED IT! :rocket: :tada:

Here is a short video where I explain what FundOSS is all about and why it is exciting to see this model coming to Open Source:

Can you help us?

Could you spare a donation of $5? $10? $50? $100? Maybe more!

Please do check all the great projects that are taking part and consider supporting them if you are able to do so!

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Thanks to all the amazing folks who supported the open source projects in FundOSS - they raised a total of $94,574 which will be distributed to the 56 projects who took part!

Mautic stands to receive: $ 5,032 (- Stripe fees)
:tada: $ 1,411 in donations + $ 3,621 in matched funds from 55 donors :tada: