Tag menu item on left hand menu not in my installation


Another “Quick Question” (I hope). I watched this YouTube Video " MautiCon 2020 - Ekke Guembel - Mautic’s New Tag Manager" (MautiCon 2020 - Ekke Guembel - Mautic's New Tag Manager - YouTube)

And in the video it clearly shows a “Tag” Menu item on the left hand side.

But… I can’t see this in my installation of Mautic (just downloaded last week).

I would love to have complete control over my Tags (which I intend to use a lot) and would love to have this menu item. Do I have to switch it on somewhere?

Any ideas??

In hope and many thanks in advance

Hi, I think this feature had conflicts, and it’s only coming up soon.
You can follow it here:


Awesome Joey… Thanks so much for all your replies… It’s starting to fall into place.