Two contacts are the same person. How to proceed?

My Mautic version is: 4

I have 2 sites tracked by mautic, say site A and site B.

On site A I have identified Alice and is contact id 55.
On site B I have an anonymous contact and is contact id 83.

I know that 55 and 83 are the same person.

How can I tell Mautic 55 and 83 are “in fact one single contact” in order to see a single consolidated history?


I think that you can find the solution here Contact overview | Mautic.


Oh Thanks @nikolar

Does anybody know if that one described in the “Contact Overview” is a “destructive” or “non-destructive” operation?

For example a marketing operator merges contacts 703 and 944. Later on a supervisor says there were nuances there and were very similar but should not have been merged.

Any tips on that case?

In my opinion that seems like a ‘destructive’ operation because you are losing one contact and thus you should be one hundred percent sure that those two are the same person before merging them.


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Got it! Thanks!