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Unsubscribe from Mautic, delete Mautic account

Please delete my Mautic account, please unsubscribe my account.
I will not be using this product.
I have asked a couple of times over the last month, but I still can log in.
Please delete my account.
Thank you.

This is the community forums.
You need to delete your account, where you created it.
If you are talking about the forum account, you can click on your profile > preferences and do it there.

Yes, the forum account.
I went there, but there is no option anywhere to delete my account.
How can this account be deleted?
Thank you.

You need to delete your own account.
1, click on your profile icon in the top right
2, click on the prefernces tab
3, click on Preferences

Then scroll to the bottom of your profile page and hit the big red delete account button

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