Urgent need to build a checkout with "upsells"

Up to now, I’ve used mautic for capturing emails and sending users to segments and tags.

But today I have a hurry: A friend of mine wants to make a paid 2x multiday live events at the beginning of novembrer and I agreed with him to be affiliate. One event is 4 days long (3h/day = 12h total) and the other is 3 days long (3h/day = 9h total)

But still he does not have an affiliate system “easy to link to”.

Those are the price-points:

  • Access Level => 50 EUR => Watch event A life
  • VIP Level => 497 EUR => Full access to participate interactively in the workshop A making one-to-one exercises
  • For +100 EUR (ie: 597 EUR) => Full acces to both events A and B.
  • For those only willing the access level, upsell of +25 (=75 USD) to get basic access to both A and B.


I was thinking to setup some kind of landing with Mautic or with Wordpress + MauticPlugin for tracking.

So first they land on the 50 EUR thing and are encouraged to boost to 497 EUR. To do so, fill name, email and click a button to go to the checkout page.

Then in the checkout say “497 EUR” BUT if you click this “+100” BONUS then you get full-access to A and B.

Optionally if they opt for the 50 EUR they go to another checkout saying “50 EUR” BUT i you click this “+25” BONUS then you get basic access to A and B.

I’m quite confused…


What’s the easiest way to setup all this? Do it with Mautic+Stripe? Mautic + WordPress + Stripe? Other payment platforms? Do it directly in a checkout page of Stripe? May I embed a “stripe form” inside a Mautic Page? Should I embed Stripe into Wordpress and use Mautic for tracking?

I want to track: Access to the landing, access to the checkout, access to the thankyou.