Using expression in REST API

Hi all,

I have questions about using expression to filter contacts when I using REST API

My software

My Mautic version is: 3.3.1
My PHP version is: 7.3.27
My Database type and version is:

My problem

I have contacts table (export excel)

id email industry city
1 X_1|X_2|X_3 Ha Noi
2 X_2 Ho Chi Minh
3 X_1|X_4 Da Nang
4 X_1 Ha Noi

Included: industry: multiple choices, I see mautic saves value collapsing by |

I want to filter contacts having the condition:

  1. The contacts have industry have value (X_1 or X_2 or X_3) and city contains pattern Ha noi

I wrote:


[MauticURL]/api/contacts?where[0][col]=industry&where[0][expr]=in&where[0][val]=X_1,X_2,X_3&where[1][col]=city&where[1][expr]=like&where[1][val]=’%Ha Noi%’


id email industry city
4 X_1 Ha Noi



I see the orWhere in doc but when I use, response returns Looks like I encountered an error (error #500).

Expected result:

id email industry city
1 X_1|X_2|X_3 Ha Noi
4 X_1 Ha Noi

How can I do that? Thank you so much.