Videos in emails don't work in Mautic 4.1.1

I have tried to put a video into an email in Mautic. But both possibilities to do that don’t work.

  1. If I put it into the mail like that:
    Gated video | Mautic
    The code is shown in the template, but the video isn’t. Not in preview, not in the sent email.

  2. If I use the “video” button in the editor of a text field, first it shows a picture of a camera and the code is visible in the codeview. If I save the template the picture disapears, the code is still there. But also in preview and sent email there is no video.

Can you confirm this?

@media31 I do not think you will be able to add video to email. Most of the code will be stripped by the different providers.

Gated videos is designed for landing pages and a website integration.

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Yes, videos are not supported by the common email clients of today. At the max you can do an animated GIF that will give you a small sequence of a video. If you want you can put a link on top of the GIF in order to direct them to your video on the website.