Webhook plugin - 80% ready, help needed

We started the development of a webhook catching plugin, called “Lasso Plugin”, 2 years ago.
It was done for Mautic 3, and the development went really well, but ‘life happened’ and we had to put it on hold. Now we’d like to open source the plugin and see if someone can help us and the community to finish it, we will keep it open source forever.

Using the plugin any webhook can be directly recieved by Mautic. Value mapping, data manipulationeven verification is included.

You are able to:

  • Catch any ecommerce sales, abandoned cart, appointment booking webhooks, etc. Really any webhook.
  • Opens/clicks from other systems, again: any webhook, any format.
  • Payload from any CRM, ERP, that uses webhook. (I’m just repeating myself)
  • Capture webhook from email verification solutions. (again :slight_smile: )
    It is pretty powerful, the swiss army knife of webhooks.

As it is done for Mautic 3, some work is needed to get it in shape, and more work is needed to finish, so it’s able to do what it can do. Just before we pasued developent, we got to a point where the plugin could recieve webhooks and data manupulation was possible. We were setting up lasso campaigns and started to fix the small bugs.

I strongly believe this plugin would help Mautic to be an even more versatile tool then it is now.

The code is on github. I included screenshots and descriptions. Thank you for considering to help out.



@joeyk - very interested in collaborating where possible. Not sure how much dev we can provide, but definitely we can do installations and testing where needed.

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Thank you!

Do you have any task list or sth similar that you could share. So it becomes easier to estimate the remaining work.

Hi, thank you for looking into this.
Not really, as I said we picked it up from a year ago.
First task would be to fix errors after installation which are due to Mautic 3 → Mautic 4.
Then the plugin would be operational, and feature testing should be possible.
As I said before: this was already operational, we were doing final tests.