Webhook request structure

good night guys.

Does anyone have the postman structure of Mautic’s webhooks?

I have a java api (spring boot) that expects a POST and a text-type payload, which works using curl and postman, but when I click on send payload in mautic’s webhook, it does not send the data.

If anyone has a more detailed document of the http structure I would be grateful

Mautic sends web hooks and you can easily find out how its build up by receiving it. Either in a low code application like Tape (Marketing Automation with Low Code - twentyZEN) … or with a site like this: https://webhook.site/ (public!)

The way around you need to send API calls. There is no webhook receiver in Mautic to send a payload.

What are you trying to achieve?

I’m sending this curl to my java server, (curl generated by webhook.site and should be the same request from mautic), with curl I’m successful, but when I’m in mautic and I click on test webhook I’m not successful

curl -X 'POST' '' -H 'connection: close' -H 'content-length: 41' -H 'webhook-signature: Mm+PgQENBSxb5gOX4lMLks0t6F18ODgii/6XpXWF3XE=' -H 'x-origin-base-url: https://mautic.flexpdv.app' -H 'content-type: application/json' -H 'user-agent: GuzzleHttp/7' -H 'host: webhook.site' -d $'{"timestamp":"2023-07-07T08:58:24-04:00"}'

I ran the example in node/express which is in the webhook example of the mautic repository and likewise my mautic does not call my api

So you want to send the web hook from Mautic to your Java Server?

My suggestion was: understand how the web hook of Mautic is build up, by sending it to e.g. webhook.site. Then you know how you need to build the receiver within your server.

The web hook of Mautic works fine and sends a lot of data reliantly. So when your server doesn’t receive data, its likely that the receiver doesn’t parse it correctly?