Webhook with "Contact Created Event"


I want to create a webhook that is bound to “Contact Created Event”.

When I look for events, I only find these:

  • Company Create/Update Event
  • Company Deleted Event
  • Contact Channel Subscription Change Event
  • Contact Company Subscription Change Event
  • Contact Deleted Event
  • Contact Identified Event
  • Contact Points Changed Event
  • Contact Updated Event
  • Email Open Event
  • Email Send Event
  • Form Submit Event
  • Page Hit Event
  • Text Send Event

PS: I am not looking for “Contact Updated Event” but only when a contact is created for the first time.
My version is v4.4.9.


In most cases, “contact identified” will be what you are looking for.
(Firing a webhook for every anonymous visit, including all the bot traffic, will normally be rather problematic :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve tested that hook.
When a contact is first created is added as an anonymous user.
It’s irrelevant to have a hook for anonymous users.

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