Where can i find my mautic directory?

I am working on the upgrade from 2.16 to 3.0.0 and the first thing it asks me to do is locate my mautic directory. Being so new at this I am not sure… in the cpanel under public_html/plugin in the plugin directory I can see a ton of mautic plugings… so is the public_html directory my mautics directory or is it the plugin directory… Thanks…

And the next line is for me to activate this… php bin/console mautic:update:find
To find out if any updates are available for inststalll… it says error cannot find bin/console
Is php bin/console the location of my php.exe file… and do i need to hunt if up and if not at bin/console then use its actual location here… Sorry I am so dumb but i am a fast learner…

Hey @tommytx123 you are far from dumb - firstly you found Mautic!! You are just lacking in experience in setting it up.

I am not that familiar myself working inside cpanel - usually I am working in shell. inside your public_html. do you see a directory for Mautic ? if not maybe look in your root directory.

Next is activating your cronjob, and here I am at a bit of a loss with cpanel.

My suggestion is to dump this hosting and run off a server on Digital Ocean - much easier. You can follow the setup here: https://www.linuxbabe.com/ubuntu/install-mautic-self-hosted-email-marketing-ubuntu-20-04.

Let me know how things go

Thanks for that mikew… but i will be working from SSL (isn’t that the same as Shell or Command line… but was just using cpanel to make it easy to look around… but I do not see any of the directories they are calling out for the upgrade. Crons are all set in CPANEL and the entire site is working fine… just needs the update… Someone else set it up for me so I am in the learning mode to update it… And thanks for the suggestion to new server but I am running on my own server (self managed) and its the very top of the line… the mautic serves 5 other real estate websites and the mautic is running on its own domain by itself…

I have to set up a second Mautic on another domain to server 10 more sites… and so maybe i will tackle the other set up from scratch so I will be more familiar with matic in general and maybe be better at navigating the shell of Mautic… and then do the upgrade… I assume setting up a new one from scratch will already have the ver 3.0 installed… or no?

Where are the CRON pointing to? That is the answer to your mautic directory :wink:

If you have something like /var/www/mautic/app/console then the directory is /var/www/mautic

Thanks for that Devsrealm… that helps a lot…
so here is one of a dozen crons…
php /home/luxuryrnet/public_html/app/console mautic:emails:send
So does this mean that my Mautic directory is located at public_html
and that explains why I could not find the name Mautic… like when on a subdirectory.
So my Mautic directory is actually in my public_html… That is not one of the recommended places, the install says use subdomain or subdirectory… and neither was done… Do you have any experience if this install is used frequently or never, I have 5 setup this way wondering if i should redo htem into a subdirectory…
I am doing a brand new install now and plan to use mydomain.com/Mautic will my url above then look like this
/var/www/mautic/app/console if i use mydomain.net/mautic
I am using SSH to see this is that ok… Is SSH same as shell…
Thanks again this has been very helpful and shed a lot of light.

So when the upgrade instructions say go here…
php bin/console mautic:update:find
In my case do i go here:
`php /home/luxuryrnet/public_html/app/console mautic:update:find
Since public is now my mautic directory persay…

Sorry I didn’t get back to you, when replying to a post, click on the reply button under whatever message you want to reply to, this way I can get a notification. That out of the way…

Yh, your mautic is located under /home/luxuryrnet/public_html

No, your public_html is located under the /home/ luxuryrnet which is different from just public_html alone. This /home/ luxuryrnet/public_html is different from just this /public_html

If you would only be having one mautic instance, it doesn’t matter, but if you would be having multple instances, I can place different mautic directory under:

  • /home/user1/public_html
  • /home/user2/public_html
  • /home/user3/public_html

What I’ll recommend is creating a new mautic directory under the public_html, like so:

  • /home/user1/public_html/mautic
  • /home/user2/public_html/mautic

This way, you can host other stuff without conflicts. E.g Wordpress:

  • /home/user1/public_html/wordpress

So, keep your app in a separate directory.

Yh sure, it doesn’t matter. You can either go with the one I outlined above or if you know you would be hosting multiple mautic, you can separate them by the username:

  • /var/www/user1/mautic
  • /var/www/user2/mautic

These are just structures, so, no strict rules.

No, SSH provides you a secure way to access a shell or terminal from another computer.

Yh, correct

Is this the correct reply button… it was just at the bottom of your comment page…
And thank you so much for all your help its making it understandaable for me…
***** Have you come across any good youtube that makes a lot of stuff clear?
My partner and I are doing real estate websites and each has its own mautic… like the website name might be… mydomain.com then the mautic would be mydomain.net and due to the monster size of data on each one the plan is to never run anything on the mautic but Mautic. and when I started with this (my first new site) I saw Mautic recommended either a subdomain or a subdirectory… and i started to use subdirectory as you suggested… but then I saw he had 6 other Mautics using the _public_html to load the zipped data and decided to follow his way since its been working well and that we we do not end up with some sites with a pathway one way and others a pathway another way… So if what i am doing is ok I think i will keep it…that is using public_html to hold the site and no subdirectory… Again thanks for all the help. Ok going back to the other question i posted… the two new extentions that i refer to are not in any of our previous sites… and all of them are I think 2.16 version…