Where is the mautic documentation? version "3"?

Hey everyone, I can’t find the new documentations ;c

It changes the way to addTokenSection; but I’m not really sure how to do it now; there’s more info about version 3? maybe some documentation link? I really can’t find it

Hi there,

This blog post is the best place to start:

It has a link to the upgrade.md file which includes all the changes.

Thank you, I was reading this documentation, but I have a doubt, this documentation is the respective one for versions lower than 2.0, right? https://developer.mautic.org/#2.0.0

what’s the right documentation to 2.16.2 version?

I want to use this function ‘addTokenSection’ according this https://developer.mautic.org/#extending-emails but I’m confused about the right documentation to use this function on 2.16.2; due to it’s not working for me

now that we actually have a forum topic on documentation and I know some really advance tech guys are contacted for documentation purposes but I am still confused if i shall write my own blog on mautic plugin dev or contribute on official docs which are already quite helpful but not up to mark. But still working on plugin doc, based on 2.16.x at least.

We really would value some help with the Developer Documentation - we appreciate it needs a lot of attention!

If you would like to get involved, please join the Slack instance (mautic.org/slack for an invite) and then hop into the Education & Product team Slack channels (#t-education and #t-product).

We have been selected for Google Season of Docs and one of those project proposals is on the developer docs, so exciting stuff on the horizon!

Also we are developing as knowledgebase (kb.mautic.org) which will be a source of longer form tutorials, how-to guides and best practice examples. That could also include things like writing plugins for Mautic!

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