Wordpress + Elementor PopUp: Wrong behavior on errors on embedded Mautic form

Your software
My Mautic version is: 2.16.0

I have a page built with Elementor.

Clicking a button, this page opens a popup built with Elementor.

The popup contains a form to compile.

The form is built in Mautic and the embedded in the popup using the Manual Copy.

The Problem

If I submit the form with empty values Mautic should show an error message under the field (removing the rule display: none from the span used to show the error.

But, instead of doing this, I’m redirected to the same page, but with the error appended as query string.

Something like this:


What I tried to debug

  1. First of all, I tried to preview the form directly in Mautic: the preview works correctly
  2. I then tried to embed the form in a blank post (via Manual Copy) and the form works correctly


The Chrome Dev Console doesn’t show any relevant error.


I think there is some sort of conflict between Mautic’s JS and Elementor’s JS.

Another problem I face is this: if I use an email like box@example (so, without the top level domain), the form is submitted, but I receive a 500 error from Mautic.

Testing the same form in the Mautic’s preview and in a blank Wordpress post, instead, correctly checks the invalidity of the email and show correctly the errors.

What I’m asking for

I need some guidance in debugging the problem as I don’t know where to look more.

The page is public and can be seen here: commercianti[dot]online/l/vendere-online/

Thank you to anyone able to help me.


You should use a Wordpress plugin compatible with Mautic.
Green Popups (formerly Layered Popups) works great and integrates with Mautic and native HTML forms, also with great designs.
The learning curve is a bit steep but works rock solid, used it for some years.



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I’ve contacted Elementor’s support to solve the issue. I don’t now IF and WHEN they will fix… :frowning:

Man, your time is gold. Use Green Popups or Ninja Popups, both work with Mautic.

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I don’t like having many plugins… but I will try as this is a big problem for conversions :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: