0auth login is annoying

This new, forced 0auth login is annoying; functional, but annoying.
The worst part is, it breaks password managers by design…is there a way to turn-off at least that “feature?”

Hi there, I’m not sure what you mean about a

new, forced 0auth login

because this is exactly the same system we have been using for the last four years. Could you maybe give me some clarity around what has changed and what is causing you a problem?

That’s odd, because today was the first time I’ve been visibly redirected from the forum login page, to Oauth. My password manager (Bitwarden) knew this was a new URL & refused to fill-in the credentials. So I pretended I needed a reset, to generate a 0auth recognized login.

…so something’s very different.


I don’t know, maybe your session timed out and you had to log in again? We have not made any changes whatsoever, we have always used Auth0 since 2019 - maybe the process before was so smooth when you signed up? Perhaps it was still within the forum but in a modal, so the URL would remain the same? I honestly can’t remember it’s been such a long time since I set up the forums!

Either way sorry for the inconvenience, I’d suggest you save it with the mautic.auth0.com domain as well as the forum.mautic.org to make it seamless in the future.