404 error on dashboard on new install

I’m having trouble with the mautic install, I used Serverpilot to install all the apache2, php, mysql etc and can get to the login page for it. But for some reason, when I try and login it throws me the 404 error. This happens both for http and https -

This is the URL http://theconfidant.co.uk/s/dashboard

This is the URL I can login from Mautic

I can’t quite work out why it won’t work. I’ve had a look around and tried the “AllowOveride All” in the htaccess file too, but this doesn’t seem to resolve it.

PHP - version 8.0

Could anyone help please as this is causing a major headache! :slight_smile:

Hi, i think your web server is pointing at the wrong folder

so how do I know which one is the right folder?
I have all in a folder called “crm”. Everything is installed and database setup.
But going to https://www.kanding.org/crm/ or https://www.kanding.org/crm/index.php gives the 404.
Mautic is place in the folder. Does it have to have a sub domain?