Cannot access to dashboard after instalation

Your software
My PHP version is : 7.3
My MySQL/MariaDB version is: 10.3.23-MariaDB-cll-lve - MariaDB Server

Updating/Installing Errors
I am: Installing
Upgrading/installing via: Web

Your problem
My problem is :
First of all, thanks for your help and patience. Im a Mautic rookie trying to do my best :slight_smile:

I’ve just finished Mautic 3.0.2 instalation. Everything seemed to be going well till i got a 404 error with this URL: mydomain/mautic2/s/dashboard
Dont know what that “/s”" is doing there… Any ideas, please? I have searched all over the forum and dindt find any topic with a solution for a rookie like me :sweat_smile:

Regards from Spain!

In Mautic, the /s/xxx URLs like /s/dashboard require authentication. ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’. URLs that can be accessed without authentication (i.e. public) do not have this /s prefix.

As far as your installation problem is concerned, I think the problem is with your rewrite rules. Mautic comes with a .htaccess file for Apache that defines these rewrite rules… make sure Apache is configured to allow reading configuration from .htaccess ( AllowOverride All directive)