Account Profile image option not showing

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.1
My PHP version is: 8.0.22 (8)
My Database type and version is:10.3.36-MariaDB

(show inpublic_html/wp-includes : wp_version = '6.0.1)

Your problem
My problem is: Account Profile image option not showing

These errors are showing in the log: nothing is shown

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: please fix it

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Are there an image “avatar.png” in the

/media/images/ folder?

where i found “avatar.png” in the /media/images/ folder?

inside your mautic home folder

Is there avatar.png? or missing?

Do you have SSL installed on your mautic instance ?


yes my web have SSL and it was set SSL mautic (SSL)

when you go to the url you are using

and in your Settings → Configuration : Site URL: ?

my website is and how to do /fillup using and in your Settings → Configuration : Site URL: ? and in your Settings → Configuration : Site URL:

Not sure what else to tell you, the SSL was what made mine not work in the past.

What web server are you running ?

Have you tried to inspect the image using devtools and see if there is any error in the console ?

Hi, this seems you have a webserver config issue here.
Are you using nginx or apache?

i found this in my cpanel ,

No this is not the one.
I can’t help you with cpanel, just command line. I’m sorry, I hope someone else will pick this up

Maybe @techbill can assist, he do use cpanel.

When I go to it is redirecting me to

Did you put in in the configuration Site URL box?

If so and your Mautic is at then you need to put back in the Site URL box again.

Once you get this issue corrected then we can check the next issue you may be having but right now it seems that your Mautic Site URL isn’t set up correctly or you have taken Mautic down.

I can help you with setting up Mautic on cPanel however we need to restore it before I can help you with this.

Could you help by using any desk or team viewer?
In my country(Dhaka, Bangladesh) have not ny expert in mautic. so cant get any help .

First …

What URL is your Mautic installed at?

It may be challenging for me to help you because I am in USA and at work right now. Your Mautic took about 3-4 minutes to load for me so internet may not be so great between us.

You Mautic did load and what issue are you having with it? Team viewer probably will be a pain to connect with a big delay between our countries internet.

Maybe create a temporary user account for me in cPanel and send me a DM with the info then we can look into it but I need to know what is the issue are you having? I am not clear what your issue is in this thread yet.

mail show promotional / spam , profile image not how ,
main problem
which time is best for help (Team viewer )
my time zone dhaka 6+