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activity log: history of recently performed Mautic tasks

Would like an “activity log” that could post a log of all tasks/activity that Mautic completes.
Currently you only log errors. But a separate log that logs successful transactions would be great. I was thinking for the last 48 hours, but perhaps a more practical implementation is to limit the size of the log to xxxx lines or xx MB, then delete old entries that exceed the limits.

There could also be some tweaks to determine the “verbosity” or what to include/exclude.

Yes, technically I can create a cron job log with each cron job and use >> vs > to self-generate a log file that appends, but:

    • this only applies to cron jobs, does not include other tasks done immediately or requested during mautic web admin panel
    • can control the formatting and verbosity when the admin is allowed to generate its own log

Given the amount of tasks that mautic is responsible for, I’m kind of surprised regular logging isn’t already available. Removes guesswork and having to commit to memory which tasks were performed.

Originally posted on Github in this link.