Making the cron jobs simpler with a log

Hey there, first of all i want to say that mautic is a great software that allow a lot of options and I am really impressed.

On the other side i am trying to start with mautic and as a developer coming from the wordpress world when most thing are really simple and you can’t find answer online for every question and there a lot of thing i found really complex and i lot of stuff that in my mind are basic and fundamental and i can’t find on the system.

The fact that it takes me some much time to start running with my campaign shows that the system is not easy.

I think one of the first problem i found is the cron job. I am running mautic at the moment on shared hosting capenl and it seems like i can’t run shell commend with the cron on my hosting.

There are about 7 crons need to run on the system and it took me about 1-3 hours only to find and understand how to set it up and what the functions does and how to use it on cpanel.

It also seems like some of the cron job in the older versions changed to the new one.

On top of that while the cron jobs are the most important task in mautic and without that the system won’t run there is not even the option to know from the system if the crons runs or not?

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to create one php file that run every minute and run all the crons required at the time using shell_exec or something else?

And while doing that it might be a good idea as well to create some kind of log to the cron message and detect from the system if the cron not running properly.

Seems like the smart thing to do and that way if you change the crons in the future it won’t require me to change it as well as you change it from the cron file php.

Many marketers do this actually.
Check this

And this

Smart Segment Processing Script for Mautic

And this

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Thank you sir, i will make sure to check it out when i got a chance
Appreciate your help

Hello @yochay11,

I just read your first message.
I fully understand that the handling of Mautic requires some technical skills.
Except that the solution you propose (a single CRON file) is not viable, in my opinion, simply because the CRONs are not to be called all at the same time and that the finesse of their settings can allow to optimize a Mautic instance.

On the other hand, it is possible to improve the Mautic documentation if some points are not clear.

About using shared hosting to host Mautic. It is not intended for, Mautic is not WordPress, the Mautic software is much heavier and more complex than WordPress. The usage is not the same and having a dedicated (or virtual) server is essential to meet the business use cases of Mautic.

I hope I could help you by giving you another vision of things.

I will be happy to continue the discussion,