Add Mautic Video Tutorials Inside Mautic

Hi Mautic Community, I’m new to using the software so I’m in the learning stages.

I’ve watched plenty of Youtube videos that have helped a lot.

Is there a channel or site that post up to date videos about using Mautic ?

Most/not of the videos on Youtube that I’ve found are kind of outdated.

I wish there was an informative and up to date video guide on exactly how to use each part of the software.

As I mentioned the videos on Youtube have helped but I’ve to do some digging to find answers to simple issues I’ve ran into.

In a future update, can the developers add a tutorials tab inside the software? So we always have the latest updates to Mautic and how to navigate new changes, updates, features and a knowledge base to always go to.

This forum is cool for asking question, gaining knowledge, updates etc. but we need a place strictly for learning Mautic via video tutorials.

Again Youtube helps, but not always.

If there is such a site or forum can someone post a link.

@joeyk has something similar but not sure if it’s video.

Indeed, the tutorials plugin has a link to different tutorials, mostly to video tutorials.
It follows your progress through the tool and recommends next steps.


ok great thank you

Cool, checking this out now, thank you