AI Support Chat Bot for mautic, where do I put the script in the code?

I am playing with AI and want to create a chat bot, train it on all the mautic documentation we have and then have an AI powered support bot inside of Mautic.

I have created the AI chat bot script and I have it working on a wordpress site. Now I want to set it up so it works inside of Mautic.

How / where would I inject the script for the chat bot so it launches inside of Mautic?

Hey @robm

Go to /var/www/mautic/app/bundles/CoreBundle/Views/Default/

Add to the head tag in head.html.php

Superb that worked. I now have a ChatGPT-powered chat bot inside the Mautic dashboard. The next step is to train it on the Mautic documents so it’s actually useful.

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