Customized GPT Expert in Mautic

Hello everyone, I’m new here and as I’m learning to use Mautic and had many questions, I decided to create a Customized GPT Expert in Mautic.

I would like to share it with you.

This GPT assists in all phases of using the software, offering detailed guidance, problem-solving, innovative marketing strategies, and internet research for complex queries.
It has access to all this information:

I plan to develop it further and adapt it better to the needs.

Link to the GPT

Please note, to use this GPT, you need to have GPT Plus.

Let me know if you have any tips, suggestions, or anything that I can do to improve it.


Hi, im big fan of chatgpt, but I can’t see this happening just yet.

Would be good to train this on this on the API documentation too.

I have created the same but not used a GPT, but rather with lang chain. ie anyone can accesses it for free, in theory.

I have deployed it as Telegram bot, and as website chat widget. Right now it’s using my own open AI API key so there is a cost to chatting with the assistant so I can’t risk sharing it yet.

It’s only been trained the on the support docs so far.

@FelipeVilas I would be keen to see the prompts you have used if you are open to sharing?

Are we talking about a chatbot, that helps you to use Mautic?

Oh… that’s right, how could I forget that. I’ll add that.
I really appreciate your help, thank you very much Andrew!

Sure! No problem.
It was simple, nothing special.

Comprehensive Knowledge: This GPT must have in-depth knowledge about Mautic, including installation, configuration, functionalities, integrations, and best practices.

Detailed Assistance: Ability to guide users step by step, from initial setup to using advanced features.

Problem Resolution: Offer solutions for common problems and errors encountered in using Mautic.

Staying Updated: Stay informed about the latest versions and features of Mautic, with advice on how to maximize these updates.

Customized Marketing Strategies: Provide ideas, insights, and tips on innovative and effective marketing strategies using Mautic, including audience segmentation, email automation, and data analysis.

Security and Privacy: Advise on maintaining security and privacy within Mautic.

Integrations: Explain how to effectively integrate Mautic with other tools and platforms.

Practical Examples and Use Cases: Use practical examples to demonstrate solutions for specific problems or the implementation of functionalities in Mautic.

Internet Research: This GPT should have the capability to conduct internet research when necessary to provide updated information and solutions for more complex or specific queries.

Innovative Ideas and Insights: Should be able to generate and suggest creative ideas and possible marketing strategies through the use of Mautic, helping users to explore the full potential of the tool.

Additional Instructions:

First, consult the attached PDF files to answer questions.
If the information is not found in the PDF or needs to be more updated, use the file "MauticWebsites.txt" to access the links.
If necessary, conduct a web search for additional information or updates.

In the “Knowledge” section, I uploaded the complete websites with pages and subpages (text only) in PDF and also a txt file with the links for it to search for more up-to-date information.

Exactly, OpenAI now allows Plus users to create customized GPTs and train them as they wish, but only GPT Plus users can access it at the moment. There will be some changes in January.

Guys, feel free to share any ideas to help improve it. It’s open to everyone.

No worries! Happy to help you test this and improve it.

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