Chat GPT plugin for generating emails

There is a new commercial plugin available at It has launched today. Get 30% off with code EARLYADOPTER during checkout. This code will be active till next Wednesday.


This looks like an amazing plugin, thanks to your wife for developing it for us. I will be getting a copy to play with.

I am also looking at creating a ChatGPT chat bot to act as a support agent for mautic users. Work in progress.


Wow, tested it out. Amazing. I really like, that it doesn’t try to restrict me in any way, doesn’t try to push me into a funnel to create my newsletter with suggestions, but it helps me to write the proper prompt.
Good job.

After Christofer Penn’s talk during Mauticon 2023 I’m convinced, that prompt writing will be a minimal skill everyone will need when applying for a job. I saw the prompt library on the roadmap. He also mentioned it how important is for everyone to have a good prompt library. If this tool is managing it, even better.

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Congratulations. Will definitely try it out.

However, wouldn’t it be great if the plug-in could create e-mail content on the fly - different but similar - for each recipient? Maybe even sneaking in a spelling mistake here and there to make it all the more real?

This is not too scalable… you would use a Lot of tokens to do so.

I have triet tgpt in terminal (openai) to create me best converting email sequences (body text) and he did something cool (but I didn’t test it).

Ai with library and ritch archive can defenetly make a change and increase conversion.

I don’t know to which extent a swipe file can be - insipired from others; bu I have found numerous usefull campaigns and email titles, and body text on digitalMarketer page. And they have all downloadable files. 101 best converting email titles, 3 email quick sales sequence, etc etc.

Hopefully your app will get something similar, and another option would be nice.

  • gather and show stats of:
    a.) performace of pre-made converting email body text and sequences (gatered data of all users / mixed and averaged )
    b.) suggestions to change - to increase roi / conversions

Data gathering:
Based on anonimity data not tied to specific user/marketer/product / campaign name - done in a way that you can get data if you share your own data - allow the platform stats collection in order to improve and give you usable data back. What is most popular (number of users are using xyz, conversion rates, etc)

As Joey wrote, it’s not a scalable solution. But even if you can throw money at it and make it so, it’s still very young technology and you never know what you’ll get as an output. It should be used as a good starting point for your email where you update what doesn’t fit and send it. But it still must be reviewed by human before send.

The combination with Mautic is the killer combination as the AI will write an engaging content for you and Mautic will give you personalisation.

At least for me as a technical person, up till now, the last blocker for using Mautic successfully for a business was the content creation. I’d need a marketer or copy-writer to write it for me. With Chat GPT this blocker is gone.


Hi all, we’ve pushed a new version to our users. Here is a video with an overview of the new features:

In short:

  • MJML instead of HTML for better, responsive emails
  • Templates generated by AI in Code Mode are editable in the Email Builder now. No need to edit the source code.
  • The plugin can use built-in Mautic templates to generate the content into them
  • And there is a new prompt history browsing feature.