Question: Mautic use case with AI

The recent ChatGPT release has being more attention to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What use cases do you see Mautic with AI integration?

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We thought, You can use zapier or any third party integration application which can donnect mautic with seamless AI.

Yeah, what I’m trying to ask what ways can AI be integrated with Mautic and it could be a third party.

Currently the chatGPT API is limited in the number of characters it returns, so you can ask it to complete sentences or return short answers. This renders it less useful at the moment for Mautic in my opinion.

I had thought of auto generation of content based on user events, for example if someone is browsing a certain page for x amount of times or sessions, to generate some personalized content based on the IP or information held on that contact and the page they are visiting. Today this is not possible.

I have integrated chatGPT through n8n to Mautic where I can go and populate for example marketing tip of the day, which is stored either in a custom field or token that can be used inside an email… problem is the number of characters returned is low.

But there are so many ways in the future that will allow for super cool content generation for emails, focus items, even building segments and campaigns as we have the two API’s.

I’m wondering: do people want to get chatGP generated marketing tip of the day?

me too, it was just an example of what can be done :smiley:

We are looking into AI as well and I have some ideas on how it can be used:

  • Summarize a blogpost for newsletter
  • Write a personal email to reach out to someone
  • Newsletter ideas for a specific topic

and the list goes on. I feel like creating content with AI will be the future and we should hop on it now to get ahead of it. For mautic specifically, I think one option is to generate emails automatically based on existing content.

Great ideas.

I think you are right, it will be everywhere. Exactly what it will make posts generated by chatgp less value then human generated content. And there are already tools that are aimed to filter them out. With the help of chatgpt:)

Writing a personal email - you mean faking a personal email? :wink:

I have not seen a good use case yet.

Well, faking a personal email till you can’t distinguish between fake and real :smiley:

Brave new world.

Check Chat GPT plugin for generating emails for a commercial Chat GPT plugin