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I’m very new to Mautic and I’m liking the potential here. I’m trying to get me and my clients off HubSpot. One thing I just can’t seem to figure out is whether Mautic offers the ability to track opportunities (HubSpot calls them ‘Deals’) that are attached to Contacts or Companies. ChatGPT seems to think Mautic has a Sales menu…but I can’t find one. Does ChatGPT have me barking up the wrong tree here?


I asked ChatGPT this question:

Would you use chatgpt or google to find answers about mautic’s capability?

Both ChatGPT and Google could be useful resources for finding information about Mautic’s capabilities.

ChatGPT is an AI language model that can help answer specific questions or provide explanations about certain topics related to Mautic’s capabilities. If you have a specific question or need more personalized assistance, ChatGPT can be a great option.

On the other hand, Google is a powerful search engine that can help you find a wide range of information about Mautic’s capabilities, such as feature lists, user reviews, tutorials, and documentation. Google is a good option if you need a broad overview of Mautic’s capabilities or want to explore various sources of information.

In general, using both resources together can be the most effective approach, as you can use ChatGPT to get quick answers to specific questions, and Google to find more detailed information and explore different perspectives.

My HUMAN answer is:

ChatGPT is full of sh*t on this one. After working with many Hubspot clients on Mautic migration I can confirm, that Mautic doesn’t have a sales pipeline, that would satisfy them. You can have phases but it’s a far shot.

I suggest to move them to the free Hubspot account (allows CRM) and use Mautic as a Marketing tool, which btw integrates with Hubspot using a built in plugin.

Interesting conclusion. Maybe it’s a time to make CRM inside mautic. It could boost-up value and usability of Mautic 3x.

New CRM’s like pipedrive already have marketing automation inside self. So it’s a probbably best shoot to start developing this feature. Or at least open a topic on this theme. Something simple and intuitive one-click fast crm like pipedrive.

Heck I have even already made some demo designs of CRM deals funnel (Dark mode). Can anybody open this topic for me, cause I am a new member.

Native CRM inside mautic sounds like a next best step for whole another level.

Guys; Lett me know what you think.

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Hello, something similar already exists, just not open source:

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Thnx. I am aware that mautic integrates with a lott commercial CRM’s.

But I was thinking about native CRM inside mautic, open source.

Because it would bring so much value to the table;
and It’s kind of lacking that feature compared to:

  1. ActiveCampaign (which has crm board pipeline view) and
  2. Pipedrive Crm which has Email Automation inside).
  3. Possibly more products have booth options (maybe freshsales or something…)

And Mautic has only Email Automation and Broadcasting.
A kind of … it’s behind today modern time requirement; it’s time for feature upgrade and new value-add in direction of speeding up processes and bringing more happy customers in.

Can anybody start new topic for native CRM inside, or should I just wait 10 days untill allowance of creating new Topic. :smiley:

It’s not a separate CRM.

This 100% integrates into Mautic as a plugin.
Right now it only works with Powertic’s Mautic installations.

I would love to see something like this open sourced, and ready to throw money at it too and/or participate in the definition process.


I agree with you - now is the time to do it.

I can donate-design 5-8 inside pages booth Dark and White version. It would be basically Pipedrive Clone with options, intuitivnes, one-click (cutting down processes) fast inputs with next-action in mind. Page or two more or less due to my time availability (depending on needed stuff - it’s not too fixed - but I wont be designing like overkill 30 pages :smiley: ).

And can deliver files in Figma. I have never sliced and proggrammed css & html - so that should do somebody that knows how to do it. Gotta find somebody.

Given design above is not polished, and there are a few pages that are missing. I am leaning towards this kind of design, and with care - it could be done so its complementing mautic’s design/color scheme (wich is kind of outdated - but still somewhat functional).

I suggest that we basically clone pipedrives process, and pages, and design direction in general.
Because it’s best of the best CRM (most user friendly) in the industry, I have tried many commercial CRM’s and almost all Open source. And almost everybody is behind on something. Deals view, or Deal Details view. Pipedrive got it perfect. And I helped to implement it in one company - and learning curve is 1-day to zero (extremely flexible and intuitive).

As for the defining process; i can help to define pages that I see - that need to be done, and sketch first draft - inside figma FigJam file (or somewhere); so we have a starting point.

And after that or in the same time, others can help define some stuff; and then develop full blown plan, and find crew, and make it happen.

I have never done any open source project on the github, and in the OpenSource community (just commercial) so I’m not quite shure about processes and tools for project managment. But that should not be a problem.

  1. First we define what needs to be done

  2. I make the design + we polish and finish it.

  3. [I don’t know if it’s necessary step but] make presentation to raise workforce / code contributors / donation - cash contributors-donators or even Crowdfunding (because there are a lott of them like you and me that will save a lott or benefit in the future from this CRM feature).
    There is no free CRM that is done and works wonderful nearly remotely as Pipedrive.

  4. Then we can find a openSource supporters / programmer - coding crew who can program all the CRM functions into Mautic.

It would also be interesting to make aware all the rest of the users after we make first designs, so that more of them join this feature support and development (crowdfunding is also interesting approach to make 120% that it gets done).

There are a lott of users that are paying 100$ a month for mautic plugin, and/or can save that much for having 10 person sales team.

I will define what mautic has and what else should be done.

I have never done nothing like this (crowdfoundin and organising it in a Opensource community way - so hopefully somebody have already done this here can jump in and manage/organise some stuff after we define design and what should be done).

Give your opionion on all that.

PS: we don’t need to make a new Topic - this Topic is ok. :wink:

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Btw; anybody that wants to check Pipedrive CRM just to see what it has and how it works - so we can model it and clone options:

It can use it free trial for 15 days; and With this promo code extend to 45 days full version use (use the code bellow):

This info and software suggestion are made only for one purpose; to get inspired by verry effective app and functions and ux-design. If this kind of content is not allowed - no worries - just edit it.

@joeyk How should and where should we start? How stuff generally works here? How do people start doing stuff and contribute with only 1 skill or partial skills (designer, programers, slicers, implementators, project managers).

Can you give me an hint; does projects start as plugins and after “proofing” stages maybe get inside the app as standard option?

Any suggestions are welcome; specially on what should we do next on how to gather a complete-skill team to make this happen here on this forum, community.

Can you invite somebody with complementary skills here in for engagement and suggestions (1. slicing design to css/html 2. coders programming into plugin or native, 3. project managers, 4. testers, etc)…?

Thanx in advance. Let’s Make it Happen :slight_smile:


First of all: I would be super happy to see a solution you described, I think Mautic really needs it.

I would first understand if the project is viable. Mauticians have great ideas, but very often the first enthusiasm is gone when there is noone around to code it / test it.

  1. Design: it should work with Mautic’s current frameworks and dependencies. It shouldn’t be a copy of Pipedrive (In my humble opinion)

  2. Committed Programmer: a Symfony coder, who know Mautic well, and is ready to work on this for the compensation which we don’t really know.

  3. Definition of minimal capabilities: Deals created for Mautic and possibly kanban View. Maybe some definition how deals are integrated into segments and campaigns.

This have to be a plugin, as Mautic is going to be leaner from M5.


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I agree, if there should to be a native CRM in Mautic, it needs to be a separate plugin.

CRM is a different story. In the past months I’ve seen CRMs, that claim to also have Marketing Automation included - and failed even with basic requirements. We shouldn’t head the same way and claim to be a CRM - as long as marketing automation in Mautic is not “perfect” yet. There are so many ideas that can enhance the marketing automation.

As long as the API is working fine, we can always connect an open source CRM or low code platform with it. Typically there is a cutover between marketing and sales teams anyway - so no need to have them both working within the same tool.

@ganac2 you say “There are a lot of users that are paying 100$ a month for mautic plugin” - is that true? What makes you confident about it? :wink: Its also in competition with e.g. low code platforms, where I can easily setup a “pipedrive like” app with Kanban view as well, which will also bring chat, discussion and other basic features of a platform. Very soon that would be expected of an CRM as well.

Sorry for being the “devils advocate” :stuck_out_tongue: here - but its also needed to validate a product idea. Isn’t there any lean open source CRM out there, that is well maintained - where there could be some joint cooperation? Focus would be to integrate them perfectly?

The last time I looked for Open Source CRMs they were big and also smelled a bit outdated. Why is there no lean and up to date one?

(Thats why I lately used low code for that purpose - but a well thought CRM would be welcomed. Requirements for initial setup and maintenance should not be more complex than requirements.)

Well we all agree that there should be plugin CRM.

Yes I agree that most of the open source CRM-s are outdated and not even a fair competition to the commercial ones. It’s a lost battle; you can do the job; but its repelling, outdated, not-sexy, not so intuitive and inviting; slow and you gotta do 3 clicks of mouse to do the same function which you do with one click in modern and intuitive CRM.

Api is a great backup playcard and it always will be.

Bottom line, I can made up right now on the spot 101 reason why it shouldn’t be done, or gone away down the path of all kinds of weird logics; and I can find a reasons to justify and made sense of them.

But still one remains; we need something easy to use, plug and play, modern, efective, intuitive (even for non techies - one man bands).

Sales and marketing myth is true only in large companies and it self perpetuating dividing logic that is toxic and it doesn’t work in small teams, or one-man-band startups if you’re serious about making money. Marketing and sales are twin brothers, so dependant one of each other that if one dies - the other dies too. It’s the same purpose, the same goal and propper unity gives big wins.

We can look to this situation from multiple different angles.

a.) One of them being privacy and lack there of - with commercial crm-s (data breach, dependency), wich self-hosted solution can prevent

b.) monetary savings ( I forgot to mentions 100$ for plugins or commercial CRM monthly fees).

c.) ease of use - plug n play without complex code and tech technical knowleadges of integration acrobacy (one man band small enterpreneuers, startups).

d.) added value for mautic hosting and service providers (extra product they can charge)

Yes, as for now, a lott of techies can figure it out on their own; how to make low code crm alternative, or integrate with commercial one or any other open-source; but not all users are techies.

An there would be 10x more of the users if the installation process is one click instead like wedding procedure, and if UX would be 2x more intuitive and inviting and fresh. And the free CRM capatibilities in one app.

Imagine sometime in the future:

  1. you install mautic + crm 1-3 click maximum - or 1-3 liner code (docker whatever)
  2. you have modern ux and up-to-date (almost-free) Marketing automation and CRM
  3. You have Marketplace of plugins so that you can instantly instal whatever you want - 1 click like in Pipedrive marketplace or Android marketplace.

That is the future worth going towards. Not everybody want to spend time to learn all the tech stuff. People today don’t have a time, and would not spend more time if there is easy 1-click commercial product. And in that way open source is losing battles, data privacy is loosing battles,

Look at just how ChatWoot looks modern, easy, plug n play. No brainer; he competes verry well hand in hand with big commercial guys. On the other hand open source Marketing automation and Crm’s are 2 steps behind, if not with options and functions; than with ux, design, intuitivnes, easiness of install and onboarding time/ learning curve.

So it’s time to solve this thing if we want to even stay in the game for the long run. And if we even want to have controll of data privacy, independency (self-host) and stay viable open-source alternative.

People don’t wanna fix cars (techy stuff) - people want to drive cars, and make money with cars; simple, fast and easiest possible.

@dirk_s Can you elaborate some more: what exactly functions was missing inside CRM that you have inspected. Define missing basic requirements so that we keep an eye on necessary functions. Thnx.

I meant CRMs claiming to have Marketing Automation on board - it could for instance not handle landing page visits as campaign action or didn’t offer integrated forms. I wonder how this can be called “marketing automation”.

I just fear if CRM became an extra functional block within mautic, at the current pace we quickly may end up haven a half baked marketing automation and a half backed CRM. Not having an advantage in either play.

There are multiple ways to get to the gold.

And developing new or modifying existing open source CRM is a valid option to take into consideration. And then afterwards make a strong integration-sincronisation plugin into Mautic.

I wonder if it’s doable and how to basically make ecosystem where multiple open source business apps are developing their best self + leave the room for unified-standard integration with other apps in this (lets call it) over-arching initiative/platform. More than api, stronger bond/synergies and faster and easier integrations.

It would be nice for users, small companies, and even service providers that host and support apps for other to be able to Use and Offer 10-20 essential business apps completely integrated, something like ADOBE SUITE (apps), or MICROSOFT DYNAMICS (multiple apps) or ODOO (apps). But still every app with it’s own community and purpose. Over arching initiative to create better ALIGNMENT of open source business apps, every app on their own - working perfectly together in synergy.

a.) User side benefits:
Installment of apps that work well together, and less time spend on Frankestain Seek and Hide integrations for non thechies, and techies.

b.) Solo app benefits (for example NextErp or Mautic community and app):
App could be developed in “best self” for the purpose/function it serves but with sync and sinergy in mind cross-sell , cross-attract, cross-impact users and their profits on stronger level so that it is more likely to be recommended, used, leveraged. And it brings benefits to everybody.

c.) Service providers, hosters and support companies benefits:
Unlike now offering just 1-2 app/ service to the customer; you could offer a full suite of apps that creates compete independent ecosystem with great synergical effects. From a pure profit standpoint it could be 20x todays profit. And from simplicity standpoint could be: easy-fast solvable and deployable unlike now it is fankestain hide and search and patch em together and not sleeping well cause nobody’s shure if it works or it will break, or it is too much manual hassle to integrate, maintain and update; so nobody does it.

That would help open source community to stay on the edge in winning side of Competing with commercial apps that lacks independency, data transparency, code transparency, privacy, and much more.

Where not just intimate syncing is encouraged - but also developing Unified (alternative) UX design template that every app is matching 100% (it uses it’s own UX/Ui design + another over-arching Theme design that could be used across multiple apps to “merge” the look of whole suite and not confuse users; and it becomes easier to use).

Almost everybody needs/will need integrated someday (specially with it’s well presented synergical benefits and 1-click integration):

Crm, Marketing automation, Landing pages, Teamwork and comunication apps (like element_io), remote work apps, Customer engagement platforms (like chatwoot), Accounting apps, Project managment, HR, Evergreen Webinar platform (like livestorm - this doesn’t exist in OS world), Video marketing platforms like Dubb to boost ROI, Virtual Interactive Training System for employee training - onboarding and customer training (like: Lightspeed vt), Customer Data Platform (like: Apache Unomi), Manufacturing apps, Inventory managment apps for multiple ecommerce sites (like skubana, Linnworks, skuVault), Marketing Automation with strong ecommerce capability (like klaviyo), Simple todo-board trello alternatives (like Planka), Google Docs and G Drive alternatives (every office/team needs that - but open source are not on the proper level).

In addition of seamless integration and ecosystem, app should be easy to install like in CasaOS or Umbrell (1-click install simple and easy for non-techies)

And after all; this kind of Initiative and Platform, could even join effort of Backers, Users, Programmers, in joint effort for joined Crowd-funding whilst still every App and community stays their own but working with greater goal and vision and sinergy in their minds and future plans.

Ok, I’ve painted a great future picture, vision that I belive is possible. If this is another way of doing it.

What would be the main challenges to make this happen (bottlenecks, confusion points, dead angles)?
a.) Mindset and organisationally (vision, direction, guidance, synergical organisation of direction)
b.) Technically challenges (how to connect, what standards, what should be done better)

Any suggestions and opinions are welcome…

Since Umbrell and CasaOS can pull it off for consumer home markets. There is no doubt in my mind that this is possible for open source “Business Suite” ; specially knowing that Musk is trying to go interplanetary and populating mars. :smiley: We need just a little sistematisationa and repackageing to dockers or similar and some coordination… drop by drop - ocean.

I think we are onto something Big…

This idea might be a waaay ahead of the current state of open-source business ecosystem, but somebody need to inspire and start painting a shades of a Bigger Vision in order to ignite sparks and dropplets to start dripping (smal coordinated actions) in order to someday move mountains with it.

Here is attached demo-design of initiative website design to spark interest. Could be developed in full blown page for communities to join hands.

With that in mind CRM could be developed separately under different name, a different project. But not excluding option of still having native plugin.

PS. a little longer post but it had to be done. :slight_smile:

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Take a look at this converting Figma design to HTML/CSS, React etc…

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Ok, keep enjoying this Pipeline CRM (dark) Design until I get my hands on mautic fresh install; so I can pickup icons, proportions, precise color scheme, all the elements etc.

If somebody can provide me with free demo link where I can starty copying-desing right away (untill I figure out how to install mautic on my own) that would be nice - free demo or html/css package (.zip)

Deals pipeline - inside deal (deal details) dark design preview - first draft not polished:

How do you like it?

How about that?
Design deal-details page (inside one deal, all tasks, notes, activities, team collab, etc…).

Hopefully some coders will jump on train so we can define all the elements and stuff.

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Thanks for a great post outlining a feature that’d indeed be awesome to have as a plugin!

Idea; band together and hire someone to do this?

Me and my team are new to the Mautic game, but really like the platform! We too would love if our, quote basic, CRM needs were met here too, as we feel it’s quite close (with contacts, stages, etc.).

We’re a team of developers, quite familiar with the Symfony stack that the project is using, but we don’t quite have the time to develop this ourselves…

But, I was thinking - perhaps the ones that would love to see this as a plugin, could band together, put in some money, and hire a freelancer to do this - together, and share the plugin?

We’d be willing to run lead on the Dev & communication; already found 4 good candidates that we’re thinking of just hiring on our own to do this, but based off of @ganac2 's design.

Let me know if anyone wanna get on board - the more we band together, the better a result we can get.

@joeyk @dirk_s @knisely_done (sorry for the tag! Figured you might be interested).

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Its worth saying that we have already posted the job online, and are actively seeking someone with experience developing Mautic plugins to do this. Will get back with estimations on what it might cost for a basic, and a more advanced CRM functionality like what’s sketched (beautifully) by @ganac2 :raised_hands: