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Campaign templates and import/export

Comparing Mautic with other well known Sales Funnel software, it seems Mautic is missing the ability to export and import campaigns. I found a discussion on Github about the same here. If Mautic had this feature then campaign templates could be pre-prepared for specific business types or funnel types. Starting with a campaign template might be helpful for some people to get started.

This would make my life 100% easier if there were an option for this and it would get more people using the platform. I use mautic but I set up all my clients on active campaign simply because of this function only.

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exactly: templates are the best way that non technical people could also use Mautic. Therefore Mautic would be used by a far larger community and also it would be more attractive if you can choose amongst many templates showing best practices. As said by @nickw other Sales Funnel Software has this feature. If Mautic wants to be the best marketing automation system, this is a must!
Therevore I vote for this feature.

@nickw @bheath please vote for this feature now. Voting works again :slight_smile: