Sales Opportunity Pipeline

I’m willing to contribute to having this built.


Hi Albert.

I appreceate the willingness to contribute. Dev lead team & project managment would be crucial and verry important.

Before we even continue from my perspective - this is an early messy sketch, which is 50% done at most. And need to polish everything and figure out a way where should we put all the menu icons, and a lott of the rest (responsivenes, colors matching, design system perhaps, figure out what functionalities can be drawn from mautic that could be crucial to minimal viable product, etc, etc) - so I need more time to research and repurpose everything. Due to my time limitations. I’ll post updates when it’s close to minimal acceptability range so we can talk, tweak, comment on it.

In the meanwhile… ;

  1. yes it’s interesting to see somebody ready to take thing in his own hands and contribute their part

  2. yes, it’s even possible to raise cash, crowdfund on crowdfunding portals everything publicly not just in this forum and community (but it takes time and commited person or team to make it happen)

Everything can be done, but it takes Time and Commitment and not always everybody has it (want to give it) but for those who want, and when they want (including me) - every drop matters and should be communicated , actionable and systemised inside some project managment tool - after this general discussion.

A lott of time people randomly jump on board when they see that stuff is starting to move in right direction - so the crucial stuff is LEAD TEAM and marketing (crowdfunding or else) to get things going.

Shure we got to have something designed a little better (tighten up) - so people can see THE PRODUCT (before we even build it) - what exactly is getting built. So they can easly get invested in project; easly contribute, cash, time or word of mouth/marketing.

And getting everything prepared in advance - doesn’t hurt (possible team members, devs, freelance partners, teams for crowdfunding and sales pitches text, etc); so when the design is read project can take of cause everything is being prepared. The team, the materials, the cash getting booster strategy (avoiding failure and long time waiting).

I can suggest that we call this product - THE PIPELINE - until the time comes when it will get deserving of the name CRM.

I can contribute with design in figma (frames, auto-layouts, responsive grids, screen size brakepoints), and prepare partially for export in (which i don’t know how to work in - somebody else) for somebody to do the html/css > implementation in mautic module + dev.

Finally: safe bet for almost every project is: It’s gonna take 5x more time, and 5x more money.

So crowd funding could be safest bet regarding to pump some extra money for freelancers and project managers - to get things done faster.

Small readability improvements:

  1. focus on Deals (their headlines)
  2. Larger headlines (deals and column-stage-pipe)
  3. Less noise (with secondary elements - focus on 1-2 most important things)
  4. Tighter, simpler, cleaner

Open zoomed image in new window for better view.

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I look forward to seeing this implemented.
I can contribute a demo Mautic instance and be a tester.

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Help please:

  1. Does anybody knows in what folder and format are stored Left Menu icons of Mautic 5?

  2. Or does anybody have source icons - .svg or something?

Please give me the link or files to download.

I have tried google,
Tried downloading mautic 5 zip files from github, and search the folders for .svg and .png but I am running in circles and cant find nothing.

I need em for continuing the design in Mautic style. Thnx. Please lett somebody know who could help. Thnx.

Is there a document, that describes how the CRM is connected to currrent features?
I would like to contribute to that.

Hello, what is the cost to develop this in open source ?

Best regards,

Is the Mautic team planning to implement a brine solution?

We would definitely use this option.
We could participate in the development in the form of a financial contribution and also in the form of conception, design and code. (Frontend, HTML, CSS, JS)

There has been a development before from Powertic, which we (community) could take over.

And I’m trying to find a way to talk about a possible community sponsorship.

The presentation will be next Friday (2nd Feb) CET 15:00, EST 9:00.

I’ll drop the link here once the Zoom is created.

If you PM me, I’ll send you the invite.

Hey there, can you please also email me an invite via email?
Thank you in advance!!! Email is

Do you have any news on that one?

We are finding ways to make it happen.

what is the biggest issue that currently stopping you from moving on next phase of this plugin?