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Amazon SES danger!

You can’t use the same: domain, name, credit card, ip, device fingerprint for opening a new amazon account :slight_smile:

So I have to be a hacker or a dishonest person, lying to Amazon and saying them that I am a different person and company to work with them :thinking:

No, they already refused you, so don’t try t go back :slight_smile:

Send me several email and I’ll take a look.
Maybe I see somethings.

We signed up to SES recently and haven’t even sent a single campaign and they put a restriction on the account. I’ve never had any email campaigns flagged for any massive violations or been blacklisted. Apparently Amazon is getting much stricter with lifting 200-per day send limits and are causing a lot of issues to many email marketers as to the feedback I am hearing of late.

I had similar issues with Amazon SES. I had to create a new account. I did mailings for my site