New to Mautic: Does it require SES?

I recently had Mautic installed on a private VPS.

However, since I am new to Mautic and don’t have the schedule to learn all the features (it’s not particularly user friendly) I am a bit uncertain about some of the info on You Tube:

If I use Mautic on a private VPS do I still need Amazon SES (or similar) integration to be able to send email campaigns? I thought it could be used without dependence on any other external service connected which is what I prefer?

One of my helpers to set up campaigns and lists complain that Mautic shows chron issues but the installer sent reports that chron works fine. The campaign helpers still insist they get chron errors. What could be the reason?

Hi. Yes you do need to use an external ESP. This is one of the beautiful things about Mautic is that it is agnostic to your ESP.

Not sure I understand your second question.

Well, thank you for the response.

That makes Mautic pretty useless for mass-mailing. We have 100% clean lists but reliance on Amazon SES is not good. Amazon is blocking a lot of accounts lately, and not allowing sending increases. We got blocked before we sent a single campaign. Never happened before in ten years.

I’m hearing an increased number of complaints about Amazon from many email campaigners lately, saying they’re starting to have difficulty getting send limits lifted and getting blocked.

why ? move to a different ESP, try SendGrid or SparkPost. SparkPost is amazing if you have 100% clean lists!!

We have customers using Mautic and holding database of a few million contacts and sending out anything from a few thousand up to around 3M per month

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Thank you for your kind recommendation.

We tried Sendgrid yesterday. Overall we like Sendgrid. However, we notice a discrepancy which affects the campaigns: we used a completely clean list and even had it checked twice to assure it was clear to go. I was therefore stunned to see a massive “22% bounce rate” and a lower than normal click rate. That would imply they get blocked while most of the rest get sent to spam while we follow all rules to avoid/minimize this.

On further investigation and reports through Spamcop, Sendgrid’s ip was actually blacklisted and filtered and multiple spam mails and domains were attached to it. Our domain etc was fine with no blacklisting. This blacklist was affecting our deliverability and reputation, not our actual mailing list. If we test our list by snailprocess through regular emails we have no problems. But that’s of course not a solution for bulk-mailing.

We’ve found the same ip problem with several ESP’s. Getting your own ip through them may not be a clear solution since it seems most of the ip’s have a history of use before they are reset and assigned to a new account. So, if you’re sending 1, 2, 3M a month there’s probably a lot of them being wasted.

Hi New-Mautic,
You aren’t forced to go with Amazon SES with Mautic. In theory, you could use pretty much any email service, using the “Other SMTP Provider” option in the email settings. You “could” use email with your VPS, but those services typically have lower thresholds of how many emails you can send in an hour or day. You’ll want to check with the terms of service for your VPS if that’s what you’re trying to accomplish, as many have restrictions on bulk mail, and could suspend your account if they think you’re spamming people because of the higher than usual volume of email.

Typically, setting up with an external ESP helps with flexibility for sending, and should lead to better deliverability, assuming a clean IP address, etc. With the different options available in Mautic, there are also different levels of integration, and how easy/complicated setting up things like bounce handling can be.

I’m not sure what the cron issues are without seeing log entries. The first step I can suggest is making sure the standard crons listed at are done to ensure everything functions as intended.

Though it may not necessarily be a new ESP that you’re looking for, I’d recommend Mailgun. Easy setup, great service, and awesome introductory period.