Anon contacts

I’m getting quite a few anonymous contacts showing up.

If I click into the record to see the details I can see which webpage created them (lots of different pages, some visitors have come from google).

Why are these showing as anonymous (without an IP address)?

Couple of theories;
Users are using an ad blocker that’s blocking mtc.js? Seems unlikely that so many visitors would be.
Something wrong with my setup? The pages are hosted on and mautic is hosted on (a CNAME forwarded to mautics actual location) are some browsers blocking tracking?
The reverse proxy (or cloudflare) not passing on the IP address in the correct header so it’s showing as blank? If this was the case I would expect all the contacts to be anonymous but it’s just some.

What causes the creation of these anonymous contacts?

Okay, I’m pretty sure it’s google bot slipping through the net.

I have this in mautic;


but it’s still creating a record. All other bots are ignored and don’t show up. What’s different about AdsBot-Google ?

Maybe this is related…
is a local network?
If yes, maybe your proxy is misconfigured.

Thanks Joey, is the docker bridge. Network ingress goes like this;

Cloudflare > Public IP > Pfsense router ( > Server ( > Nginx Proxy Manager ( - in docker) > Mautic ( - in docker). is the bridge between the host and the nginx mautic container.

I have Nginx Proxy Manager forwarding the client IP address (CF-Connecting-IP) as the real IP and this in mautic;


All that seems to be set up correctly as mautic is mostly showing the correct IP addresses.

My current thoughts are that it might be to do with it counting as a 3rd party domain for some browsers?

I have the website hosted at and mautic hosted (with a cname) at As I understand it if I had the website hosted naked without the www hostname (so instead of then cookies can be shared between them but having 2 different subdomains may case me issues.

Should I put mautic at so it is a subdomain of

Do you use www in your setup or use naked domains? I don’t want this to bite me in the ass when chrome starts blocking 3rd party cookies.